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    Therapy For Young Adults

    Millennial Counseling: Online or In Office

    Are you struggling with career uncertainty? Does the stress of debt, job, and helicopter parents get overwhelming for you? Are you stuck in an endless cycle of casual dating? You’re not alone.

    The millennial generation has a unique place in this world and they need a counselor who understands them. This is a generation that has been labeled as “lazy, selfish, and entitled” among others. Those who are age 18 to 30 need a counselor who can relate to their unique needs that others might dismiss.

    As a young adult, you are in a pivotal moment in your life as important experiences are happening (promotions, travel, relationships, friendships, etc). You have the ability to shape your future and make lasting changes now. I can help you manage stress, build confidence, communication skills, and assertiveness. I can give you a unique perspective that friends and family cannot provide. Counseling sessions are offered in office or virtual office (video sessions).

    Services include:

    • Art Therapy
    • Traditional “talk therapy”
    • Family Therapy
    • Couples Counseling
    • Parenting Support