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    Therapy for Teens

    Specialized Counseling For Teens

    Teenage years are stressful on the teen and the family. Is your teen having a hard time making healthy choices? Are they angry for no apparent reason? Is your teen a bully or are they being bullied? Parenting a teenager is difficult. I specialize in counseling for teens.

    It can get better, with the right help. I’ve been working with teens for many years and I know how tough it can be on the teen and the parent. Imagine your teen being able to communicate their thoughts/feelings without anger or resentment. I can help you build trust with your teen and communicate without arguing in family counseling.

    Therapy is useful for teens who have an unhealthy attachment to people or things, anxiety, need help with a transition in life (divorce, moving, going to college), suffering from depression, bullying and much more.

    Family Counseling Services Include:

    • Art Therapy
    • Traditional “talk therapy”
    • Family Therapy
    • Academic Support (school conduct or skill building)
    • Behavior Support Plans