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  • Back To School Stress


    The beginning of the new school year is already upon us. This can be a stressful times for families, whether at a new school, or just adjusting to the routine of school again. This can be especially hard if kids are dreading going back to school. Here are 5 back-to-school basics that anyone can use to help with the transition for everyone in the family.

    1) ROUTINE
    This is a must for kids. When your kids know what is expected of them you have immediately made things less stressful. Even though kids resist routine, clear expectations, and rules, they are immensely important to create a sense of safety. Make sure to sit down with your kids and explain the routine before school starts, including after school. The expectations should be firm with clear consequences if they are not met.

    2) ROUTINE
    Okay, I know I said five, but routine is just that important that it needs to be listed twice. Don’t forget your routine as the adult too! If you are less stressed and have planned ahead, then managing the curve balls will be easier. Make sure homework and mornings have a clear routine.

    The expectations should be clear with firm and clear consequences. This allows you as the parent to stay calm and just remind them of the consequences, instead of blowing a gasket because they are running late AGAIN! I like to call this the Firm, Loving, and Fair guideline. Discuss the expectations in advance and and make sure everyone agrees to them. Allow your kids to see that you love them and that you are being fair. Be sure to talk WITH your kids rather than talking AT them.

    Introduce yourself to the teacher. It helps to open the communication and shows that you care about your child’s education. Teachers dig that, trust me I know, I was a teacher for 11 years. You are also much more likely to get the courtesy call when your child starts slightly acting up versus getting the call from the principal when its escalated to the point of detention/suspension.

    Don’t forget to put some money in their lunch account, even though you may be super dad/mom and make fantastic lunches everyday. I keep a small bag of frozen PB&J’s in the freezer for unexpected field trips or last minute lunch issues.  Stuff happens, and as much as a routine is great, so is learning to be flexible. Also use a calendar! When a permission slip comes home or project deadline, immediately add it to the calendar so you are not frantically making sure your child has what they need for a field trip or project at 6 am.

    If your child needs help adjusting to a new school year or is experiencing school related anxiety, please contact me. I have worked with children of all ages for many years and I’m confident I can help your family too. You can book an appointment online, or contact me for more information.

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